The Clinic

Jacek Ciesielski – a dental surgeon, director and founder of the First Private Dental Clinic in Łodź.  He graduated with honors from the Medical University in 1983,  with the  Rector’s Award for outstanding achievements in the study.  In 1986, he completed with excellent result first-grade specialization in general dentistry.  As early as in 1984, he started private dental practice, the seat of which was transferred in 1991 to the  Orbis Grand Hotel in Łódź.  In that year, the clinic was equipped with the most modern facilities and devices used in dental treatment.

In 2006, Private Dental Clinic Duodent moved to its present location – at 54, Armii Krajowej St.

Dr Jacek Ciesielski is the author of numerous publications concerning the methods of local anesthesia used in dentistry – including, in particular, the intraligamental (pressure) anesthesia method.


  • Since 1986 postgraduate courses: 125 Polish and foreign certificates of attendance in courses on conservative dentistry, protetics, dental aesthetics, peridontology and  orthodontics.
  • 1986- complete basic specialist training in dentistry
  • 20.06.2006- Medical Academy in Lublin- PhD degree in ‘Clinical evaluation of intra ligamentous  anaesthesia with Paroject syringe’ (thesis supervisor- prof. dr hab. Teresa Bachanek)


  • Publications about the method of intra ligamentous anaesthesia .
  • One’s own study of profitability in dentistry and price calculation in dental services.
  • Since 2003-close cooperation with Dentsply De Trey and Coltene Whaledent  scientific research institutes in the field of preparing opinions on products, making reports and registering clinical cases ( e.g: case of clinical reconstruction by means of composite Miris- included in the Coltene Whaledent gallery of clinical photos.)
  • 2003 and 2004 participation in the special meetings called roundtables in Nałęczów ( lectures on meeting the expectations and claims, as far as the doctors are concerned,  after the integration of Poland into the EU)


  • Theory and practice course: ‘Marketing in Dentistry’
  • Hands- on courses on ‘Upper and lower teeth Porcelain Veneers (2002-2004-more than 950 dentists were trained)
  • Workshop office hours in clinical performance of porcelain Veneers and of intra ligamentous anaesthesia, as well as teeth aesthetic reconstruction.
  • Theory course on ‘Organizing dentistry after Polish integration into the EU-changes and new regulations’.
  • Course on ‘Inlay- onlay veneers’
  • Course on ‘Inlay-onlay -crowns and porcelain veneers’
  • Course on ’MAKE  ME SMILE- upper and lower porcelain veneers’
  • Course on ‘Inlay-onlay crowns’
  • Course on ‘Reconstruction posterior-anterior. Porcelain veneers in advanced aesthetic dentistry’
  • Course on ‘Occlusion- theory and practice’
  • Course on ‘Porcelain veneers for upper and lower jaw- advanced aesthetic reconstruction’
  • Hands-on courses for High Street Dental Practice DCL and individual dentistry’


  • Since 1999 active participation in seminars during dentistry exhibitions Krakdent, Baltdentica and CEDE (2007-Saldent)
  • 2002-producing a training film VCD on application of porcelain veneers (the film was highly evaluated by American dentistry authorities)
  • 2003-cooperation with dentistry students in Łódź and Lublin. Co-organization of lectures and hands-on courses.
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