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Anesthesia is a prerequisite for each dental procedure.  No procedures are performed without anesthesia in our clinic, either in children or in adult patients.

All anesthetic procedures are performed after initial premedication, which involves application of a special gel with pleasant taste (banana, mint or bubble gum), helping to reduce stress and fear of injection, onto the site of analgesic administration.

Intraligamental anesthesia, administered with a special PAROJECT pressure-type syringe, is applied in our clinic. The device is used to inject a local anesthetic drug around the tooth.  Correct application of the drug is completely painless and gives a practically immediate effect.  Another advantage of this type of anesthesia is that it does not impair sensitivity of a larger facial region, reducing nociceptive (pain) transmission only in a specific place.

The PAROJECT syringe can be used to administer anesthesia and eliminate pain completely  during each and any procedure: conservative treatment, tooth extraction and even implant placement. Additionally, the syringe can be used in patients with hemophilia, because the method of anesthesia administration eliminates the risk of damage of a larger blood vessel or formation of a hematoma.

The analgesics administered with the PAROJECT syringe cause no allergic reactions, primarily because they are applied locally at the site where the procedure is performed and they do not enter the bloodstream.

It is impossible to use anesthesia administered with the PAROJECT syringe in patients with hyperthyroidism, as well as in those using various stimulants, including designer drugs.  After such substances, the patients fail to respond to the administered analgesic drug and feel pain all the time.

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