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Dental prosthetics is a modern field of dentistry, dealing with restoration and reconstruction of missing teeth.  It includes all reconstruction procedures associated with veneers, crowns,  porcelain bridges, locks and elements supporting the prostheses in case of larger dentition defects.  A dominating trend in prosthetics involves the application of permanent, or semi-permanent restorations, integrated as much as possible with the patient’s own teeth.  Such prostheses do not have to be removed by the patient every day.

Modern prosthodontics is based to a large extent on non-invasive techniques, involving the minimum possible intervention within the patient’s own teeth.  Not so long ago, recurrent inflammatory condition and advanced caries were treated by extraction of the patient’s teeth, which were then replaced with prostheses.  The dentists try to avoid such solutions now.  Each clinical case is analyzed individually and the decision concerning the type of prosthetic reconstruction and the materials applied is reached together with the patient.

Prosthetic reconstructions are contraindicated only in allergic patients.  Some construction elements of prostheses fabricated in the dental laboratory contain metal alloys which can cause allergic reactions.  Therefore, detailed anamnesis and obtaining the history of the patient’s diseases, which allows to predict the potential allergy and decide on metal-free prosthetic constructions, is very important.

Modern prosthodontics makes it possible to plan the treatment process together with the patients, taking into consideration the individual clinical indications, as well as financial situation, to choose prostheses which will restore their smile. 

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